More Ed Blogs!

Since beginning this blog in July 2012 I've received a ton of emails (thank you awesome readers!) expressing sincere appreciation for a blog that relates directly to secondary education.

I feel like this old clipart with the very outdated computer monitor accurately describes my feelings.

It's true, secondary ed readers. It seems we are way behind on the whole ed blogging thing. The elementary ed crew is kicking our collective butts. Actually, as of this posting, Eat.Write.Teach. isn't exactly an ed blog either (although it is slowly transforming to that...). Anyway, so many of you have expressed interest in blogs for secondary ed that I've started a running list of blogs that are applicable to the secondary ed world.*

I tried to avoid blogs that were focused on education policy and the like. (Side note: apparently, high school teachers love to complain vent start a war regarding write about educational law, standards, and the state of public education. I slogged through quite a bit of this. On this note, I'm decidedly with many elementary ed teacher-bloggers. I just want to write about my kids and classroom successes/failures and glitter.) My goal was to find relatable blogs that share teaching strategies, lesson plans, classroom organization ideas, use of technology, etc. It was a perk for me if an idea from a blog could be applied in a wide variety of classroom settings (including yours, elementary ed readers). I tried to hit across the curriculum, but thus far this has proven to be a challenge.

I haven't exactly perused each of these blogs (though I admit to reading a few of them pretty religiously), but a scan of each made me feel comfortable in adding them. Hopefully they are helpful!

The Not-So-Impressive-But-It-Will-Get-There Blog List
(last updated 03/30/2013)

Everybody is a Genius - This blog is an amazing resource for interactive student notebooks. She also has some good information for standards-based grading.

The Nerdy Teacher - This guy shames me with his crazy-cool use of technology in the classroom. And The Epic Romeo and Juliet Project? Holy smokes.

World History Teachers Blog - This appears to be the jackpot for a world history teacher, but there are some spiffy ideas that could be altered for any classroom and curriculum. I'm kind of digging the Flipping the Class idea for absences...

Continuous Everywhere But Differentiable Nowhere - Math teachers, eat your hearts out. There's some pretty cool math lessons on here, and that's coming from someone who was less-than-satisfied with math classes in her life. Also, as a perk, the author's voice is absolutely delightful.

MathNotations - More awesome math stuff.

Adventures with the Lower Level - Sciencey (not a word?) stuff abound!

Jacobs Physics

Physics and Physical Science Demos, Labs, and Projects for High School Teachers

The Readiness is All

Teaching Sam and Scout (formerly E, Myself, and I) - This is a personal blog and the author (who I find immensely hilarious) blogs quite a bit about her daily life and what it's like to be a mom, but she also shares ideas straight out of her classroom. Take this post for example.

Teaching in Special Education - Great resource for special education and general education teachers alike! Lots of fresh ideas!

The Curly Classroom

Kovescence of the Mind - Sarah blogs about teaching high school English, social studies, and psychology. She also regularly writes book reviews, and she has some really brilliant ideas. How great is her literary road sign?!

Teaching the Core

Love, Teach

(None of these blog mentions have been solicited in any way.)

Do you know of a blog that should be added to this list? Send me a link to
and I'll check it out! If it fits the bill, I'll add it to the list!

*Elementary and middle school teachers/readers - in no way, shape, or form am I trying to make you feel excluded. It's just that you kids already have this whole blogging-your-way-to-a-better-classroom thing figured out!