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Eat.Write.Teach. began as many blogs do... it was my little online creative space where I wrote about whatever was on my mind at the time, which usually fell into one of three categories: eating, writing, or teaching. I never imagined that anyone other than my mother or my crazy aunts would really take a notion to read my ramblings, but lo and behold, a little post I wrote called Back to School for the High School Teacher Part 1: The Sanity Saver took off like a cat shot in the ass (I love cliches) and suddenly my little blog was showing up as I was scrolling idly through Pinterest looking for Pinspirations for my classroom. So, really, the blog is now just about the Teach part (though I still think longingly of my other two lovers, writing Y.A. Fiction and eating anything that isn't nailed down).

Okay, so what if I just fell down the Pinterest rabbit hole and here I am? Now what?

Have a look around, won't you? Might I recommend you start with this post, this post, this post, and this post? They tend to be Pinned quite frequently and also have had the greatest amount of traffic, historically speaking.

Hey I like some of these fancy printables and such! Where can I get my hands on those?

Oh, you like those, do you? Nice! I'm thrilled! The vast majority of the printables I have created are the ones I use on the regular in my own classroom, so I can assure you that they will work provided you are exactly like me! Okay, not true. But maybe they can work for you too, even if we don't share the same DNA. I have two types of printables available for your downloading pleasure. The firstest and the bestest are the FREE PRINTABLES! You can access those bad boys any time you like and download a bazillion copies and print them and gleefully make it rain organization in your classroom. Yay free stuff!
Now, there's some TOP-SHELF STUFF around here too. That's gonna cost you, but I'd like to think it's worth it. These tend to be the FULL COLOR EXTRA EXTRAVAGANT HIGHLY FANCY SO MANY OTHER CATCHY ADJECTIVES printables, also available for your downloading pleasure. Many of these items can also be edited to fit your own needs! Yay customization!
For FREE STUFF, go here.
For TOP-SHELF STUFF, go here.

Who are you and what makes you so qualified?

My name is Stephanie. My students call me Mrs. Richardson, or Richardson, or Mrs. R. A couple of them call me, "Hey lady!" One particular student fondly referred to me as "Hairwoman" after the English teacher in the Laurie Halse Anderson novel Speak. Whatever the name, I'm the lady behind the curtain around here and I have few qualifications, many opinions, and lots of unsolicited advice.

I have a bachelor of science in secondary language arts education and I quite nearly have my minor in theatre. I nearly switched majors during my junior year of college to go into graphic design because I enjoy it so, which is one of the reasons I create so much of my own material. I find it fun to recreate the wheel, something they insist that you do not do when you go to teacher school. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't suggest it either, unless you have a burning passion for typography and Photoshop and wasting your life away in front of a computer monitor. Anyway, I digress. I intend to one day (soonish) pursue my masters degree and to finish that theatre degree. I have been teaching since 2010 and, aside from my horendous first year of teaching at a different school which you can read about here, I have very happily been with the same school corporation.

I truly enjoy what I do, and I truly enjoy experimenting in the classroom. I'm not a teacher who is seeking "The Tried and True" so that I need not ever switch up my game in the classroom. Quite the contrary. I usually have a pretty good thing going in my classroom, but if I read an interesting teaching theory or I see a cool concept online or whatnot, I like to try it out and see what happens. So this is just me, sipping my herbal tea and watching Game of Thrones, telling you what worked for me and what didn't. Think of me as your teacher pal, the one who isn't particularly sociable, who runs into things frequently, who isn't very good at "adulting," but every once in a while she's got a good idea you can try out in your classroom. That's me.


Do you have questions about my teaching ideas? My ridiculous adventures? The silly GIFs? Or maybe (and I totally welcome this!) you have a blog topic suggestion? Talk to me! I love hearing from my readers, fellow bloggers, and people who just so happen to stumble upon this website. Always feel free to comment on my posts (I read every single one!) or, if you prefer, you can email me!

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