Thursday, July 13, 2017

Classroom Operations Binder Pages Now Available!

New goodies are now available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Classroom Operations Binder Pages

Remember this post and this post where I talked about how useful this binder was during the second semester of the year? These pages are now available to you!

This customizable Word document has been designed to help you create your own How-To Guide for operating your classroom.

This document includes:
  • Customizable Binder Cover – edit to include your name, room number, and school name
  • Class Roster – edit to include your course name, period or section, and up to 35 students
  • Board Planner – edit to include your course name; print, slip into a page protector, and plan your board layout each day using a dry erase marker (great information to leave for a sub!)
  • Here’s What We Did Today – edit to include up to three course names; print, complete, and put these in your Absent Binder!
  • Emergency Sub Plans Cover Page – put a set of emergency plans in your Classroom Operations Binder and use this page with a sticky tab to indicate where these plans are located in the binder
Check it out here!

Happy Planning!


  1. thanks


  2. I bought this product and would like to use it but the formatting gets all messed up when I download it. I installed the necessary fonts but that actually made it worse and for some reason I cannot edit the file. I tried to highlight and change the font size on the cover page and I cannot access the font or anything. I sent a message on Teachers Pay Teachers but haven't gotten a response yet. If you could get back to me at your earliest convenience, I would appreciate it, as I like to get a jump start on prepping for the school year.

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