Thursday, July 14, 2016

Video Lesson: How to Plan a Full-Year Curriculum

Guys... I did a thing.

I get a lot of questions about how I lesson plan. In particular, many questions relate to long-term planning. While I have touched on my planning in posts like this and this, some things are just easier to teach when you can use visual aids and you can just talk about it.

So, I made a video lesson! Check it out and let me know what you think! Please be gentle... I'm a YouTube Virgin. ;)

Click the image to be taken to the YouTube video.

At about 7:27, I start talking about the new unit I am planning for this year for literature circles. With all of sadness and hatred and horrifying things that have happened in this country this summer, I've decided I need to do more in my little corner of the world. This year, we are going to study individuality, diversity, and acceptance through literature circles. If you would like to know a little bit more about my plans or if you would like to make a donation to help me get the novels I will need, please check out my DonorsChoose Project.

(Use the promo code LIFTOFF to have your donation matched dollar for dollar by Donors Choose THIS WEEK ONLY!)

Thanks as always for your support!


  1. Just watched your video and I thought you were awesome! Your voice, your presentation - all of it was easy to follow and understand. Plus I liked the happy music in the background! Even though most of us math teachers groan about how much material we have to cover before state testing, this video made me realize how fortunate we are in my county that most of what you covered in the video is already outlined for us. The county pacing guide is just a suggestion but at least it is DONE! I recommended your blog to several new teachers this summer and pointed out how helpful it has been to me (despite the fact that you teach English and I teach math, so kudos to you!)! You should definitely do more videos in the future...I personally would love to see you do one on how your classroom is set up. A 360 degree classroom video? Thanks for all you do!

    1. Your comment made me so happy! I am just sitting here having my breakfast and grinning like a fool. :) I'm glad you liked the video. I think it would be nice to have all of that planning (curriculum mapping?) done for you. I know so many teachers are against it, but it would be nice to have that game plan done for you! I will plan on doing a video tour of my classroom once it's ready for school this year (which won't be long now!). Thanks for the suggestion and for reading/watching!

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  5. I just looked at your Donor's choose site and I noticed that several of the books on your list are books that I teach. I was curious about your methods and how the unit went. Can you share your story and some of your resources? I too constantly look for ways to open the eyes of my small town students to the world around them.

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