Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Yellow Sheet in Detail (with a guest appearance by Dwight Schrute)

I've had quite a few requests for more information about the Yellow Sheet referenced in this post. First, I need to clarify that the original idea wasn't mine; I borrowed this idea from Elizabeth at E, Myself, and I and I tweaked it to make it fit my personal needs. I thought the best way to explain this would be storyboard style, so here we go.

Once upon a time there was a student. No, it wasn't really Dwight Schrute, but for the sake of this example, we're going to pretend that it was Dwight.

One day, Dwight chose not to bring in his homework, so Mrs. Richardson made him take the walk of shame (different from the cone of shame, but that's a completely different media reference) to pick up the dreaded "Yellow Sheet." Dwight filled out the top portion of the Yellow Sheet, like so, and then he placed it in the homework tray. 

When Mrs. Richardson gathered up the day's work from the tray, she pulled out Dwight's "Yellow Sheet" (which stood out easily from the rest of the white homework papers) and tucked it inside of her Missing Work Log. (Side note: I do have to keep a separate binder for these sheets because there always wind up being quite a few in there and it makes my Sanity Saver too bulky.)

Because he had superior brainpower ("Through concentration, I can raise and lower my cholesterol at will.") Dwight decided it would be wise to turn in the homework assignment the next day instead of never turning it in.

Upon receipt of the late homework assignment, Mrs. Richardson pulled Dwight's Yellow Sheet from her binder and filled out the lower portion. This showed the date that Dwight turned in the assignment. It also showed his original score on the assignment and the amount of points deducted because of lateness.

Mrs. Richardson them removed the very bottom portion of the Yellow Sheet. She found scissors to be most effective for this task. (She also doesn't understand why this picture turned out kind of greenish-blue.)

She stapled the bottom portion of the Yellow Sheet to Dwight's graded assignment. This assured that Dwight was very well aware of the score he received and the kind of negative impact his tardiness had on the score.

As for Mrs. Richardson, she now had an excellent record of the late assignment for parent-teacher conferences.

And that, kids, is how the Yellow Sheet works. :)

You can download the Yellow Sheet for free! Just click that "Free Templates for You!" tab at the top of the website and get going!

Also, for your entertainment, here are The 30 Best Dwight Schrute Quotes.

"I am fast. To give you a reference point I am somewhere between a snake and a mongoose... And a panther."

Happy Saturday!


  1. I started doing this last year with my AP kids, who were absolute criminals about not turning in work. (Especially the seniors.) Oh my, it made my life so much easier! I had a record of what was missing and the student's excuse (in the student's own handwriting). I never had to use it at a parent conference, but I would've loved to see the look on a parent's face when the student wrote "senioritis" as the reason why the assignment was late.

  2. I tried this. How do you get the kids to get up and get one? I would have a few kids do it, but there would still be kids who didn't turn in work and didn't fill out a sheet. If I handed them one they would fill it out, but I never figured out a way to do it that didn't make more work for me. Secrets?

    1. During the first several weeks of school, I flip through the stack of papers I take out of the homework tray while they are working on their bell ringer and I count them or I check them off in my grade book. Then I call out names. "Fred, I don't have anything for you. Tina, I don't have anything for you either." They fairly quickly learn that I'm going to call them out on it so they may as well fill it out and not worry about it. After a while, I don't have to call them out anymore.

  3. Handling late homework seems to be a big topic this week on quite a few edublogs. I posted my pink version of this yellow sheet just a few days ago as well. I've been wondering what exactly to do with the sheets once they're turned in, and I think I'm definitely going to use your binder idea...I'm thinking a different section for each class period. Thanks for you great ideas! You can see my version at


  4. If I wasn't already planning on using this idea in my classroom, I'm pretty sure Dwight Schrute would have sold me on it haha

  5. Do you think only allowing student to make up the work if they have filled out the sheet would be too harsh?

    1. I think a good rule of thumb when you question your procedures in class is simply, "No surprises!" As long as that is part of your standard procedure and you make it extremely clear to your students that this is the rule, then I definitely don't think it's too harsh.

  6. Oh. My. Word! This is helpful and hilarious!!!!!!! You crack me up! I needed the laugh. And the organization tip! I teach 5th grade, so I will modify this some, but really not much. And, aren't we all glad we don't have Dwight as a student?


  7. So easy and very witty, too. I will definitely be using it this year. Thanks for using Dwight's perspective...funny.

    Teri D.

  8. Just wrote a long comment and THEN it made me sign in and it went away. Short version: Your site is great and I lover your notebook (similar to, but better than, what I've done for a while) and yellow sheet (which I'm going to try). You need a tip jar ;-) Thanks!

  9. Love this! What font was used on the sheet? I would love to download and use it on other sheets!

  10. I absolutely love this! I usually take up time checking in homework, then calling up each student to see why they don't have theirs, then I email their parents so that they're aware and I can maybe possibly remember why (which is rarely). I like that I have more documentation. It'll make it easier for me to sit down at the end of the day to do this rather than trying desperately to do it within their silent reading time.

    Thank you!

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