Saturday, June 8, 2013

Blog Giveaway!

In celebration of the end of the school year and our little summertime break, I will be hosting a blog giveaway in the months of June, July, and August!

So, what do teachers do with all of that free time they have during the summer?

Some of us vacation.

Some of us read a whole lot of awesome books.

Some of us get caught up with friends and family.

Some of us sleep in really late.

Some of us take classes.

All of us prepare for the coming school year!

I want to help you do just that!

A 2013-2014 Sanity Saver
*completely printed*
*completely bound*
*completely personalized*
*completely ready-to-go!*
(Don't know what a Sanity Saver is? Go here.)

The winner of the giveaway will receive the 2013-2014 Sanity Saver, which will include:
- updated 2013-2014 Sanity Saver calendars for the school year
- Sanity Saver attendance sheets (enough for the whole year!)
- Sanity Saver lesson plan templates
- Sanity Saver ultimate grade book
- Absent work forms
- Activity Planner 6000 forms
- Parent Contact Log
- To-Do List
- Meeting Minutes forms
- From the Desk of... personalized stationery

All forms have been tweaked and updated for optimal use. In addition, the winner will get to choose one of four different color schemes and styles for their Sanity Saver. Check out the options below.

Option 1: Green Space Age

Option 2: Artsy Blues

Option 3: Bright and Cheery

Option 4: Funky Violets

**I want to reassure my readers that all of my 2013-2014 templates will be uploaded to my account sometime in July for your free-of-charge use, but they will just be the standard black-and-white templates.**

And, finally, the winner will have the opportunity to have their Sanity Saver customized with information like:
- winner's name
- name of winner's school
- classes or grade levels taught
- personalization for stationery

I love my Sanity Saver. It is so helpful to have a go-to spot for everything! This would be a great tool for a first-year teacher or a veteran and could be used for any grade level or subject matter.

Your name can be entered up to three times into this giveaway!
Ways to Enter:
1. Answer a Question (mandatory for entry)
2. Like the new (and still under construction!) EatWriteTeach Facebook page
3. Leave a blog post comment

Convinced yet? Join the giveaway fun!

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Good luck and happy summer!


  1. Love this!!!!! If I were to win, I would totally pick the green theme. You are too sweet...thank you for the giveaways :)

    1. Thank YOU for being a regular reader and commenter! :D

  2. I am always looking for something that will help with classroom organization!

  3. What an awesome giveaway! I love it!

  4. I would love something like this to help keep me more organized. This past school year was my first year back after having my daughter and I felt so much more disorganized with so much more going on in my personal life. I really need a new organizational strategy and this would be a great start!

    1. Oh my, organizing a school life and a kiddo's life! I can't even imagine...

  5. As a relatively new Language Arts teacher myself, I have LOVED reading your blog - particularly those posts concerned with teaching. What a wonderful giveaway! (Also, enjoy your summer!)

    1. You're making me blush. *-_-*
      Glad you're enjoying reading! Enjoy your summer too!

  6. I love reading your blog-- so much useful information!

    1. Thank you! I get by with a little help from my friends. :)

  7. Loving your blog! Awesome tips and great sense of humor. BTW I too hope that high school teachers will start "decorating" their classrooms. The students really do like and appreciate it.

    1. Yay for another vote for decorating the high school classroom! *happy dance*
      Glad you're enjoying the blog! I enjoy the comments. :P

  8. I was at my dining room table last night around one a.m. hovering over a stack of middle school novels and text books that I will teach, but will never finish reading before the summer ends. I was in the midst of having a panic attack when I decided that I would calm down with Pinterest, which is when I stumbled upon your blog. I read your "first year teacher letter" and literally laughed out loud at Queen Elizabeth writing Romeo and Juliet (which I know from my student teaching experience is a sad reality). Anyway, I want to thank you for your blatant and hilarious honesty. Your blog talked me off the ledge last night. :)
    P.S. Beginning in August will be my first year teaching, please pray that my students do not eat me alive.

    1. I'm so relieved to hear the blog talked you off the edge rather than throwing you off entirely whilst maniacally cackling!

      They won't eat you alive, Spenser. Just remember than, at heart, they are still kids. They totally think they are badasses, but they are kids. They love stickers on their tests and your fun off-topic stories and teachers who play along. If you show enthusiasm for your job, they will be enthusiastic about your class. And seriously, don't forget to ask for help! We all need somebody to lean on (at least, that's what The Temptations said and that song is pretty catchy, so...). I'll say a little prayer for you. (Oh geez, another catchy song...) :)