Saturday, March 23, 2013

Celebrating Spring Break the Only Way I Know How

It's Spring Break, kids!
I thought it would never get here! All day yesterday, I was like this.
The kids were like, "Umm... what is wrong with you?" And I was all, "Ummm... what is wrong with you? It's Friday, it's the last day of school before Spring Break, we had a pep rally featuring band kids and talent show kids, of all things, and I got to wear jeans, Chucks, and an IU shirt to school! What could possibly be better than that?!"
And then today happened, and it's been better than yesterday.
I feel like you should know that never once in my life have I gone on vacation during Spring Break. My family was definitely not the vacationing type when I was younger, and it's only been in recent years that my parents are all "Hey, vacations! Cruises! Empty nest! Boo yah!" Whatevs.
Sooo... I am celebrating my Spring Break the only way I know how.
I slept in until 10:00 a.m. It was incredible.
I spent the morning (what I had left of it) doing my workouts (ahem... for the first time in... a while...), playing with my puppy, and reblogging stuff on Tumblr. Hey, did you know I'm on Tumblr?
I went to the grocery and took my time about it because I didn't have ten million other things to do when I got home like I do most weekends. (CONFESSION: I love going to the grocery. It soothes my Type A personality and my OCD to have complete control over what kind of groceries enter my cart and, therefore, my house. I also kind of love organizing my grocery list and following my happy little route through the store without my husband - whom I love and adore - getting distracted and running off to an aisle that we aren't supposed to go to yet! Yes, I'm a freak. I know this and I embrace this.)
I got Taco Bell for lunch!! I freakin' love Taco Bell. I completely understand that it makes no logical sense for a person to enjoy eating Taco Bell, and I know it's a far cry from healthy, clean eating, but I love it anyway. I got those cheesy gordita things and fiesta potatoes. Delightful. You know what will make you want Taco Bell too? This awesome gif. It's a Taco Bell commercial. Rumor has it that it's from 1978. Was Taco Bell even around in 1978?
I also got to go to the library for the first time in I'm not sure how long. The library has just about the same hours that I have. It was pretty amazing to see some of the new books they have! I was in the teen fiction section (don't judge me... I'm reading those books for work, obviously...) and every time I saw a new book I was all excited. Probably like this little guy watching fireworks.
*happy sigh*
I love Spring Break better as an adult than I ever did as a kid. Now excuse me while I go play Skyrim and drink more Monster Energy drinks.
Hey, teachers, what are you doing for Spring Break? Do you love Spring Break like I do? (I bet I know the answer...)


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