Friday, January 11, 2013

Ta-Da! Templates for Your Downloading Pleasure

Hey, kids, look what I did! (Hint: look up at the links bar.) :)

That's right; there is a Downloadable Templates tab! Demand for my templates has been increasing steadily over the school year and I'm not so good at keeping up with my emails asking for them because I'm kind of a slacker. So, I'm slowly but surely adding my templates to my account and at this point in time, you are welcome to them! I'm trying to offer both a PDF version and a Word version of each one, so bear with me on this. I've got all of my Sanity Saver templates up, including the calendar pack. I will have my Absent Binder templates up as soon I finish the PDF version (check back Monday or Tuesday next week!) and I'm also going to add in a couple of my lesson plans that have been requested by email.

Thank you so much to my faithful readers and for all the kind words about my templates and plans. I'm sending you many internet cat hugs.

UPDATE (01/14/2013) - The Absent Binder forms can now be found at my account. Click the Downloadable Templates tab to get there!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Absent Binder

Not in the sense that the binder itself is absent. :) Rather, this is my latest and greatest idea for my absent students that will hopefully save some of my sanity.

As a teacher, it is important to recognize your areas for improvement. Personally, I knew I needed to improve:
1. my attendance records (While I post it on the computer as I should, I don't keep my own record. This has bitten me in the butt before.)
2. my system for getting absent students their work (This is a constant battle!)
3. my own ability to recall exactly what we did the day before (Because let's face it: my lesson plans are so full of objectives and standards it's really hard to just find the nitty-gritty.)