Monday, December 31, 2012

13 for '13

I read somewhere a while back and maybe it was on Yahoo? an article from a very credible source that you should never make one big umbrella resolution to start off your New Year because they never pan out. Examples of Umbrella Resolutions include:

"I'm going to lose weight and not be fat anymore!"

"I'm going to cut back on my spendings and save some money!"
"I'm going to exercise every single day, even though I've never exercised a day in my life!"
"I'm going to eat healthy stuff... and I'm going to like it!"
"I'm going to volunteer more often!"
"I'm going to get more sleep so I have more energy!"

You know... just to name a few. ;)

So this year, I've decided to do 13 for '13. Instead of making one or two umbrella resolutions (and I am totally guilty of most of those), I'm making 13 smaller resolutions that are very specific so maybe, just maybe, I will be successful with one or two of them. Here's my 13 for '13.

  1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier Monday through Friday. Screw the weekends. I'm sleeping in.
  2. No diets, just replacements. Replace some of the regular items on our grocery list with healthier options. Whole grain instead of white. Low-fat yogurt instead of regular. Olive oil instead of butter (for stovetop cooking). That kind of thing.
  3. Read more books and watch less television. I used to never watch television. Then I got married to a man who lives for television. (Love you, honey.) Somehow, I started living for television too. Time to go back to what I love: reading.
  4. Eat some semblance of breakfast every day. I am bad about skipping breakfast. It's not like I'm eating donuts or other junk; I just don't eat breakfast. This probably needs to change, so I'm going to aim for breakfast of some sort.
  5. Write, write, write. I would love to say "I will finish my manuscript" but I'm pretty sure that is an Umbrella Resolution. So, I'm going to write as often as I can because it makes me happy. Manuscripts and blogs are included in this, Facebook statuses are not. Speaking of Facebook...
  6. Facebook less. I'm really starting to think that Facebook is unhealthy. I got on my soapbox about hatred on Facebook in my last post and I really feel a blog post coming on about this. Anyway, I'm tired of it. I don't want to delete my Facebook because I do keep up with my college friends there and I maintain our drama club's page, but I'm just over all the negativity.
  7. Lead a more active lifestyle. Note I did not say exercise. I. Hate. Exercise. Seriously, I'm just one of those people that would rather eat glass than go to the gym. However, I do need to move more, so that's what I'm going to do. Another one of those sketchy-at-best articles I once read said you are more likely to be successful with "exercise" if you just boost the activity level throughout the day. We'll see. So that means walking a lot more, playing with Radar a lot more, and just generally moving a lot more.
  8. Keep my grading under control. I tend to think I do a very good job of managing my grading in a timely manner until it comes to essays/projects. I am terrible about grading those things in a timely manner. Admittedly, it is going to take some time to grade 140 essays. It should not take *ahem nine weeks* or so to do it. Next time I assign an essay, I need to resolve to grade ten a day or something to keep me on track. No waiting until the week before Christmas break (not that I would ever do that...).
  9. Go to a ballgame. I don't like sports. I never have. I like watching basketball... sometimes... if there are nachos. I'm just not a sports fan. I love the arts and I enjoy going to our school's band and chorus concerts. But I haven't been to a football game yet, and that is probably a really bad thing. So, I'm going to go to at least one basketball game and at least one football game. I'll probably try to go to a track event too so I can watch my cousin kick some serious butt at pole vaulting. *Personal note: if you are the opposite of me (love sports, hate arts) you should try out a school concert or a play or something. Pretty please? For me?
  10. Go to the camp more often. My family has a campsite and it is within five miles of where I live and I only visit it a handful of times a year. WHY? I can't figure this out. It is probably my favorite place on Planet Earth and I don't go there nearly enough. So, by God, I'm going to the camp, even if it is just to walk on the dam or sit by a fire by myself.
  11. Keep my house clean(er). This is probably an Umbrella Resolution. I grew up in a house where Saturdays were cleaning days. Everyone was just too busy to run the vaccuum or wipe down the bathrooms on weeknights, so we cleaned like Jesus was coming over on Saturdays. (Mom, you know it's true.) This has seriously bled over into my adult life. My husband and I folded seven loads of laundry last night! Seven. Who even knew we had seven loads worth of clothing between us. Admittedly, I've been living in my pajamas over the break, but jeez! This cycle must stop! 
  12. Love my husband. I'm already doing this, but I want to love him more and more every day. We have been together for the last seven years and we are happier and more in love with each passing year. 2013 should not be an exception. My husband is a wonderful person. He and I are very similar in most ways, but polar opposites in many others. I like it that way. It certainly keeps things interesting. In 2013 I want to continue to know and love my husband and enjoy being with him. I'm blessed to be married to my best friend and I want us to continue being best friends. No slump for us!
  13. Do things that make me happy. I just want to be happier in 2013 than I was in 2012. So I'm going to be happy, dammit! This means more video games with my husband, more trips to the park, more mini-vacations, more trying new things.
Also, for the record, I do have one Umbrella Resolution, but I'm going to call it a GOAL instead. Isn't GOAL a positive word? My enormous goal for 2013 (*please please please*) is to buy a house. If that isn't an Umbrella Resolution, I don't know what is.

Happy 2013! May the odds be ever in your favor! (Nerd alert.)